Friday, December 7, 2012

Real Quick!

I forgot to include that the amazing Alicia from Cheetah Is the New Black used three of my pictures of her showing the new snap bracelet from Kate Spade! I made the pictures into a can check it out here!

Little Inspiration also...

CHristmas Wish list!!

Lately being around all these amazing fashion bloggers they have very much inspired me in a non-realistic way until I get a job anyhow haha. I have always been a fan of huge sweaters because what's better then feeling cozy all day in a huge sweater, boyfriend jeans.....exactly nothing. Well I put together a few things that I (WISH) I could have.....hmmm maybe I will marry rich one day ha just kidding....I hope everyone is having a great friday!!

Christmas Wish List!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new me.

Today I had lunch with the amazing photographer Lydia Hudgens. It is amazing how much you can learn from someone by just having coffee or a short lunch. I feel good things are coming and I can't wait to take them on full force. Today was the start of something great I can feel it, I see my dreams expanding and unfolding right before my eyes and it is kind of a beautiful thing to say the least.

Don't be afraid to follow or strive for your dreams it is probably the most rewarding thing there is when they come true and I can't wait to have that moment one day and say to myself "I did it."



Monday, November 12, 2012

Coffee Date

This past week I recently got to meet the amazing Jenni from ispydiy! She was just so lovely and got me to thinking about my future and helping me find that special thing that no one else has that I can offer. So I have recently been on the search for that skill that makes me me like no one else. I have been pulling endless amounts of inspiration from different things I come across whether it's a fashion blog, coffee shops or the endless amount of amazing people that I run into in NYC. There is definitely something to learn from anyone you come encounter with and I firmly believe I have been meeting these beautifully minded people for a reason and I have been cherishing the simple but wise words they offer me.

Getting that constant push to further my ideas and passions is kind of wonderful. I think I am on the right track and can't wait to see what is coming next...

Today I sat  in a coffee shop in the Financial District and took in the people I saw from the inside looking out and let the beautiful natural light hit my face while I enjoyed a delicious chocolate chip scone and vanilla latte.

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A crazy 3 weeks....

        I am rather mad at myself for having such a huge road block in between blog posts. To be honest a lot has happened in such a short time! I recently moved to New York for 2 months for an internship at Downtown Magazine and it has been great so far and I am learning a lot.

       ...what I haven't mentioned is the fact I have gotten scammed/phone stolen/spilled ice cream all over me in cab/ Hurricane Sandy and soon to come apparently the crazy Nor'easter. I have experienced NYC to say the least..I definitely have been initiated into the beautiful city with a lot of obstacles and set backs but I love it. I bet you are thinking "You love it?..wouldn't you just be like NYC isn't for me"...not the least bit..I feel I had to go through those things I think it is NYC saying can you handle it...why yes, yes I can.

      I also won a contest by the amazing model/ fashion blogger Natalie Suarez from the blog natalieoffduty ! Check her out of course, anyways I won tickets to The XX concert by simply saying how I would style Natalie's amazing Benni boot by Modern Vice. The show was amazing and I got to tour the factory of Modern Vice which was needless to say bada$$.

      I feel NYC is my next adventure in life after I finish school. I am going to move up here and just learn and be engulfed in something that I find uplifting and rather swoon-worthy. This is also my first time being in NYC during the Holiday season that includes the ever so beautiful lights and "The Tree." haha I am done babbling but I am going to show you a few outfits lately and the city....according to my iPhone.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exciting NEWS!!

AHHHHHHH! guess what.....

I got an internship at Downtown Magazine and leave next week! I am both anxious and excited and scared ha but sooo ready at the same time. I bet your head just spun in a HUGE circle but it's how my emotions are feeling right now. Time to apply all that I have learned thus far.....YAY. Also here is my outfit from today!

Shoes/Maxi Dress/Necklaces: Forever 21 Plain white tee: Zara Plaid button up: Thrifted

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh Fall...

Today was a pure fall day with all things brown and scarf-like. I have been so busy with school and am constantly working on projects left and right and trying to find an internship is very stressful, but getting dressed in the morning is always something I look forward too. It was very casual today and relaxing so the outfit kind of resembles that. I hope you all are having a delicious wednesday!

Scarf/Shirt/Jeans/Purse: Forever21 Boots: Tjmaxx Bracelets: AlexandAni